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  • Debbie Masner

Sober October Tips for Success

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Are you doing Sober October? Bravo for you! Here are some tips to get through the month.

  • Stock up on snacks and alcohol free beverages. Seriously, treat yourself. Now is not the time to diet. Your one focus is simply not drinking alcohol. You will crave sugar because your body is missing the dopamine hit of alcohol. That’s OK. Eat what you want and enjoy it. Besides, your saving tons of calories not drinking.

  • Plan to keep busy, especially at night. Ever notice how much time drinking takes up? You are going to have more time when you stop. Call an old friend. Break out the puzzles and the board games. Pick up your old hobby of knitting. Try something new or take comfort in the old.

  • Line up your goodies. Stock up on bubble bath and queue up the Netflix. Download a meditation app. Buy a new book. (Hey you could read one of the many sober lit books listed here )

  • Plan a reward for completing the month. Maybe it’s a real vacation or a massage or a new toy. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. You will also save money so that is an added bonus.

  • Change your mindset. Focus on what you are getting out of this and why you are doing it. You GET to take care of yourself. You GET to take a break from alcohol.

  • Be Curious. Why are you doing this? What about such and such event makes you want to drink? Curiosity is all about creating awareness. Use this time to become aware of when and why you want to drink.

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