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Try this instead of drinking

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

What do you do when you are under stress? Often we reach for a drink to get immediate relief from the feeling of stress or anxiety.

Try something different the next you are feeling trapped under the stress anvil. developed a useful tool called S.O.B.E.R. to help you pause before reaching for that drink.

The S.O.B.E.R acronym stands for:

S – Stop whatever you are doing. This will help you step out of autopilot and keep your mind in the present moment.

O – Observe what is happening in your body and mind. Notice any thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and rather than trying to push them away, simply acknowledge them.

B - Breathe in, breathe out and pay attention to your breathing. This will help you slow your thoughts and relax your body. E - Expand your awareness of your whole body and your surroundings. This will help you see the bigger picture and understand the stressful experience for what it is.

R – Respond with awareness rather than in autopilot. Now that you have taken a moment to observe and assess the situation, you will be in a better position to logically consider the responses available to you and the consequences of those responses. Ask yourself: what response will be helpful right now?

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