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  • Debbie Masner

So you drank again, now what?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

So you drank again, now what? Focus on the turnaround.

I know the holidays can be challenging and the temptation to drink even stronger than the rest of the year combined (or it feels that way). This Christmas was only my second hangover free Christmas in a long line of hungover ones. I’ve given in again and again and just thrown my hands up and said f*^k it. I know it sucks when you don’t hit your promise to yourself to not drink.

My unsolicited (but I’m going to give it anyway) advice to you: focus on the turnaround. Too often we dwell on the past dissecting why we drank and what is wrong with us. (There is nothing wrong with you! You are not broken. Your brain is wired to move towards pleasure and away from pain and alcohol is the quickest way to achieve both.) The key is to focus on the turnaround. How fast can you dust yourself off and get back on that horse? How fast can you commit to not drinking tonight? How fast can you take care of yourself?

The famous philosopher Denzel Washington has a quote:

“Fall forward. I want to fall forward, I figure at least this way I will see what I’m going to hit.

Reggie Jackson struck out 2,600 times in his career, the most in the history of baseball, but you don’t hear about the strike outs. People remember the homeruns.

Fall forward.

Thomas Edison conducted one thousand failed experiments, because the 1001st was the lightbulb.

Fall forward.

Every failed experiment is one step closer to success.”

So keep going my friend. Don't give up on your goals.


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