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  • Debbie Masner

Dry January Tips

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Try these tips for Dry January and anytime you take a break from alcohol.

Eat! When your blood sugar is low cravings kick in. Now might not be the time to diet. Treat yourself and keep that belly full.

Read! Oh, quit lit, how we love you. Quit lit books help you not feel so along and give some extra hope and inspiration. Here's a whole list of them to get you started:

Distract! You will find you have more time on your hands. Do a puzzle, take a class, learn something new. Keep your mind busy.

Exercise! Walk, dance, move, whatever. It's a natural pick me up.

Most importantly, keep going. I'm rooting for you.

Get the FREE Dry Guide for tips, tools, and resources for going Alcohol Free. Find it here:

Do you want just a small vacation from alcohol but not ready to stop “forever”? Try my FREE e-course: 10 Day Holiday- Alcohol Free Break Learn more and sign up here:
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