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You deserve a break. Sign up for the...

Live Alcoholiday

Take a break from drinking and gain back your health. Learn tips, tools and strategies to be alcohol free. Side effects of not drinking include better sleep, more focus, glowing skin, improved relationships, money saved, reduced anxiety and weight loss. Starts the 1st of the month.


is for you if you've been feeling like this...

  • Day 1 again. I really need to flick the switch in my head. I have so many whys. 

  • I've been way overdoing it, I need a break.

  • So tired of myself not being able to get past the first few days. Always an excuse... ugh!!  

  • Why can’t I just be normal and not have the feeling of wanting or feeling like I need alcohol? 

Imagine if you could feel like this....

  • ​Clear, peaceful, well rested, more patient, less anxious, energetic, confident, strong, happy, and empowered. 

  • Free from hangovers and shameovers. 

  • Free from thinking about drinking.

Take a break from alcohol and learn the tools to change your thinking about drinking. Whether you are taking a break for a month or a year.
This will help you.

During This Month,
You Will:

Become a better thinker

You are not your thoughts- you are in control of your thoughts. Learn how to change your thinking to empower yourself. These tools will help with any challenge life throws at you.

Manage cravings

Willpower is not a strategy. You will get practical, in the moment tips to help manage your cravings.

Improve your health

Just 30 days of not drinking has been shown to reduce weight, lower blood pressure, recover kidney and liver function, boost sleep, enhance skin, and lessen anxiety. 

A look at what's inside...


Daily Accountability

Every day you get an email with a tool, tip or inspiration to start applying to your life. 


Weekly Group Chats

Every week we meet as a group to celebrate wins and troubleshoot challenges. 

Friends in Nature

Private Community

You do not have to join another Facebook group! You will be part of a small private community going through the same Alcoholiday.



Tracker, resources, worksheets, journal prompts and more to guide you through the month.

Hi, I'm Deb Masner

I’m an alcohol free badass and I help people practice not drinking. I wasn’t always this way, in fact I had many day ones and felt like I was broken because I just couldn’t manage to get my drinking under control. With lots of practice, patience and mindset changes I worked my way out of the drinking shame spiral and into an alcohol-free life. It’s a gift I want to give to you. 

Some tidbits about me: 

  • Registered Nurse since 2004

  • Bachelors Degrees in Psychology  and Nursing

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

  • Recovery to Practice Certification from the National Association for Addiction Professionals 

  • Certified SMART Recovery facilitator

  • Founder of Alcohol Tipping Point, LLC

  • Mom of two ginger girls 

  • Wife of 20 years 

  • Mountain girl- born and raised in Idaho 

I know what you’re going through and I know you are not broken. Your body has just become so used to using alcohol to move towards pleasure and away from pain.


You’ve spent a lot of time practicing using alcohol, now take some to practice not drinking. You don’t have to be perfect. No one expects to learn a new language after one lesson. It takes time and repetition to change a habit. Use this Alcoholiday to give yourself a break- mentally and physically- and learn better tools to change your thinking, change your drinking, and change your life. 


What people say...

nov 21.PNG

This break is for you if

you're ready to make a change

you're feeling stuck

you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

you've been trying for months

Take a break from alcohol and learn the tools to change your thinking about drinking.  

Anchor 1

The Live Group Alcoholiday

Daily lessons with accountability

Tools to battle cravings

Thought changing worksheets

Guidebook and Journal

Downloadable audio meditations

Private (off social media) small group 

Access to me via email, chat and group calls

Starts the 1st of the month


Did you know that your support helps others? I'm able to assist those whose finances are keeping them from joining and I turn no one away. If finances are keeping you from joining this program please email me at

There are scholarships available. 



The Alcoholiday contains medical, psychological, and physiological information relating to alcohol and addiction. This program is primarily intended for individuals with a psychological or emotional dependence to alcohol. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or evaluation. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice regarding your health before attempting to incorporate any advice enclosed into your life, especially if you have reached a point of physical dependence on alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms due to a physical dependence on alcohol have the potential to be severe, and in some cases life-threatening. Those who seek to abstain entirely from alcohol beverages should consult first with a qualified health care professional. 

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The information shared through our website, emails, products and services is for informational and educational purposes only. It may not be the best fit for you or your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice, nor as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

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