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  • Debbie Masner

Start Before You're Ready

This past week I kept hearing the phrase- Start before you're ready.

I thought about it as I did my first ski lessons. It was scary as heck on the top of the mountain, but I kept my instructor's words in my head- tips up, lean forward and just do it.

I thought about when I first started to change my drinking. I never felt ready, and it never felt like the right time. There was always some birthday party or vacation coming up. Or I knew it would be a stressful month at work, how could I remove my crutch? I never felt ready. What does it even mean to be ready? Having a PhD worthy knowledge of alcohol? Having a perfect month of no challenges lined up? I think we get stuck in the planning phase of change. Now is time to practice the action phase of change. Practice not drinking.

I looked up what “start before you’re ready” meant and I found some gold nuggets.

Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready:

1. Doing is the best teacher. Ain't that the truth? I can read all I want about skiing, but I won’t learn how to do it until I’m on the mountain. Same with practicing not drinking. You can read every quit lit book but until you practice not drinking in the moment, you’re not really doing it.

2. Mistakes are magic. Love this! If you aren’t falling you aren’t trying. Mistakes are for learning and propelling us forward.

3. Starting creates momentum. Ever heard of paralysis analysis? That’s where you get stuck in the planning and thinking phase. Just start today- practice not drinking today. Repeat the next day. Then the next day. Start to build more days not drinking than drinking.

4. You won’t know until you try. What are the costs of continuing to drink? If you make room for drinking what is that taking the place of?

If you sit around and wait for everything to be perfect, you’re losing valuable time to your fears. Is it scarier to keep drinking this way or feel the discomfort of not drinking? Choose your hard.

Need help starting? Try this free 10 Day Challenge:

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